Where have all the blog posts gone…

So many ideas. So little time.

Actually, most of my ideas are poured into my other blog. That one eats and feeds my time and soul. But now that the Master’s degree is out of the way, perhaps I’ll find some time to update the IX.

Many things have been left unsaid (and un-updated) here. Many things I can’s say out loud on that other blog.

But a new school year is about to begin. And a major project looms.

Life is good.

Treasures and Maps

Have you ever woke with a song playing in your head? This morning the music and lyrics blended right into the dream about my classroom and students and photography and travel. Of course, the classroom and students weren’t the same as I see every day and the places we went were completely unfamiliar but the song…

The song is still playing in my head. Well, a part of it at least. In the dream, I was explaining the significance of the lyrics to a few of my students. The first thing I did upon waking was to wake this computer and Google the chorus (because I intended to purchase the song).

The first search — we’re making treasures they’re making maps — returned randomness with a few interesting results thrown in but nothing pointing to the song so I put the two phrases in quotation marks to narrow the search and…

Your search – “we’re making treasures” “they’re making maps” – did not match any documents.

I tried switching the they’re with we’re and: did not match any documents. Tried substituting I’m for we’re, you’re for they’re in different combinations and: did not match any documents.

Now I don’t know about you, but I find this incredibly interesting. If I were a musician, I’d be recording (WHAM!) that song right now.

The WHAM! was the moment I realized I didn’t have to wait for my wife and daughter to wake in order to use the piano to try and pick out the notes. Record! Use Snapz to record the three-line chorus (can’t remember the third line but the tune is still there). Of course Snapz glitched (it takes a restart to fix that issue) but I kept the recording because I wanted to be honest about the process.

Honestly? The song was infinitely more beautiful than my pitiful rendition.

Treasures and maps. Quite the powerful metaphors.

31 Years and Counting

Wind the clock back 31 years, wait for the sun to set, tune the TV to the local PBS station, watch Peter Ustinov narrate a special commemorating the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s birth, and let the wonder in.

I’m not sure about the setting sun part, but I remember being excited to watch that special. Sitting on the floor of my lonely unfurnished apartment in Ceres, CA, I had no idea what was about to happen.

A bit of the story is documented here. (And all over the rest of this site.)

Happy Birthday, Albert. Thanks for the push!

Faulty Flight

I’m not afraid to tell my students that I want to fly. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have this dream. But so far, that’s the only time it happens. You know, in dreams.

Like last night…

As is common in many of these dreams, it begins with a long jump. No, not like in a track meet, just a running leap. (I’ve always enjoyed doing that too.) What happens next triggers the flying. Rather than following the trajectory to the ground, these jumps loiter — gravity-defying, prolonged extensions of the jump. I seldom hit the ground after that as I realize either: it’s happened at last! (if I’m fooled) or I’m dreaming! (if I’m aware). In either case, flying follows.*

Last night? Fooled again. Once again I thought I’d finally done it. The flying was the swimming variety rather than soaring free. Lots of work to stay aloft but worth all the effort. How much better it would have been if the effort included remembering my mental check list.

*If I’m aware enough, I’ll land intentionally and send love. To be honest, it’s really hard to give up the chance to fly to do something far more important. I’m ashamed to admit there have been a few times I kept flying after I remembered the writing on the pad by the bed. Upon waking, there’s no joy in the memory of the flight. Only the knowledge of yet another missed opportunity to make a difference.


A nod to the tingle Thursday when speaking to classes about the possibilities for next semester. (Just staying true to documenting the occurrences.)

Testing… Does this Thing Work?

Just an experiment. It looks a heck of a lot better over here.

Missed it by that Much

When I wrote 0114 over here last week, no alarms went off in my head. Funny, didn’t I just write about my numeric memory?

The real kicker is that I knew the anniversary was approaching.

My students always hear me say that I love to be wrong. It’s true. It drives home lessons and helps one learn. Failure is part of the process.

Here’s another perfect example.

One Way or Another

Sherman, set the WABAC Machine for the early 80s…

Sue and I are exploring Balboa Park. A small gallery beckons and we enter. Paintings dot the walls, each signed in an odd manner (below the artist’s signature are six digits). A few minutes later we figure it out.

I don’t remember the artist’s name but I do remember those numbers…

I would love to thank the artist. He/she gave me the means to link dates and events in a memorable way. You see, I’m one of those people who remembers numbers far more clearly than names. (I’m truly pitiful at names; I claim to suffer from name-nesia.) This blog was triggered by that artist’s gift. Check out the first post if you don’t believe me.

011110 is a cool little palindrome. It’s also today’s date.

And I’ll remember this for a long time…


Note: Check the 1221 update here and the article referenced in the 0102 update.

Yes, this may seem a meaningless post. Humor me. Those born on 050555 are known to meander into seemingly senseless numeric musings from time to time. 😉

Binary Illusions

011010: What a cool binary date. Reminds me of…

Perhaps to fill the vacuum, that nature does abhor
The story chose this vessel, to be its metaphor
Dueling with the either-or, in land of right or wrong
I, gray matters of the heart, cross common censor’s song
Rhythm technicolors in, the lines that drew this hint
Rock and roll with punches thrown, anger isn’t it
Dream Yet Complete

Yeah, as the above and BlindEye attest, I’m not a fan of black and white answers to complex questions. It’s not that I lack conviction (though sometimes I do lack conviction), it’s that complex questions usually require more consideration than our polarized society is willing to tolerate.

While this might not make me popular, it just might help me be more useful in the ongoing struggle to preserve our habitat and our civilization.

On this same topic, I saw Avatar for the third time last night and saw allegories I’d not considered during the first two viewings. I’ll be exploring these alternate interpretations soon.

Tomorrow I’ll explain why 011010 is only the second coolest date this week… from my quixotically unique POV.

Walking the Walk

Rather than post yesterday, I began writing the first page of Connections. Really puts a fresh spin on the Interactive Newsletter concept when crafted within the blogosphere. (The USPS delivered the first three issues of UnNumb.)

And as I began moving my students into the 2.0 world with last week’s lesson, the first few began blogs of their own: Collin May (who took the initiative on his own last month), Danny Owens (the first to follow my crazy idea for students to use a personal blog as a creative/marketing tool), Christian Lim, and Steven Moyer (a former student who’s begun with a will after we spoke yesterday).

Others will follow in the days ahead.

Resurrecting the IX is an example of what I like to call feeding two birds with one seed. It nurtures that within which had begun to grow dormant; and it validates my professional motto (via Richard Bach):

You teach best what you most need to learn.

Two for Two

I certainly don’t expect this to happen every day…

This morning, before school, a student (John S) asked me if stories in comic books (he’s writing and drawing one) follow the same structure of stories in movies and books.

As we talked about the similarities, wave after wave of energy cascaded down from the crown of my head. An amazing sustained rush that I’ve experienced few times before. As with yesterday, I tried not to show the effects outwardly but when the comparison got to The Matrix and the story arc that contains the metaphoric death of the hero… well, I somehow managed to hold it together. Barely.

I can be moved to tears so easily when in that zone.

So, why am I admitting this? Why say it out loud? From this page:

Experience has taught me that written affirmation of insights, inspirations, and interactions is rewarded. The more diligent the acknowledgment, the more profound the response.

Some things are more important than the illusion of privacy.