Two for Two

I certainly don’t expect this to happen every day…

This morning, before school, a student (John S) asked me if stories in comic books (he’s writing and drawing one) follow the same structure of stories in movies and books.

As we talked about the similarities, wave after wave of energy cascaded down from the crown of my head. An amazing sustained rush that I’ve experienced few times before. As with yesterday, I tried not to show the effects outwardly but when the comparison got to The Matrix and the story arc that contains the metaphoric death of the hero… well, I somehow managed to hold it together. Barely.

I can be moved to tears so easily when in that zone.

So, why am I admitting this? Why say it out loud? From this page:

Experience has taught me that written affirmation of insights, inspirations, and interactions is rewarded. The more diligent the acknowledgment, the more profound the response.

Some things are more important than the illusion of privacy.

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