Where have all the blog posts gone…

So many ideas. So little time.

Actually, most of my ideas are poured into my other blog. That one eats and feeds my time and soul. But now that the Master’s degree is out of the way, perhaps I’ll find some time to update the IX.

Many things have been left unsaid (and un-updated) here. Many things I can’s say out loud on that other blog.

But a new school year is about to begin. And a major project looms.

Life is good.

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  1. Jerry on

    A Funny Story! I know, you’re Thinkin: “Oh Good doG, not Another!”? On May 23, I’m Keywording: “Shit to Shermosa” at which point, your Blog comes to my Attention, and I comment, and Subscribe! In the next 10 days, I kept running into WordPress, WordPress, WordPress, which is odd, because I’d never heard of it! I began to think of WordPress as possibly the “Ghost in the Machine” trying to Entrap Me?! So anyway, to make a Long Story Longer, I also ran into the link I’m providing with some other “Keyword” search, which I don’t remember what that Keyword was {but I Digress!}, but I’m just a Curious Sorta Fellow! I usually don’t
    Comment on Blogs, unless I’m holdin my tongue JUST right, and the Moon is in Taurus! So, I run into this other Blog, and feel Compelled to Share, especially since I’m already “Experienced” with WordPress because of “Woo Woo” having Lulled me into the Trap Laid by the aforementioned “Ghost”! {This isn’t, to my Knowledge, an Instance of “Magical Realism”!?} But, the owner of that Blog didn’t bring it out of the”Waiting for Moderation” for almost 3 months! However, he knew better than to respond to every Tom, Dick, and Jerry, who happens to Comment! Smart Man, who probably incidentally, May {or May Not!} Have a Life!
    I sense the level of Palpable Suspense Building Within You!
    So today, Mz Woo, posts the Link to “The Mac Lab”, which rings a Bell, so therefore I salivate profusely! I know this Lab!? This Lab was where links from the other WordPress Blog led me, to Identify the Owner of the other Blog as “Mike Shocko”, seemingly your Instructor! Now, like I said, he had the Good Sense not to Respond, so it’s merely Idle Conjecture, which I shall Cherish Dearly!
    Now, you may notice Common Themes that I use, at least within two week periods?! This week my Keywords were things like: “Attachment, Fear, External Validation”, and the like!
    This is probably my last comment here, but I thought it was worth the thyme, since it brought me Full Circle with WordPress?! The other Blog{Mike’s?} is: https://ix625.wordpress.com/blindeye/blindeyes-catholic-crosswalk/
    Or, is this Mz Woo again? Or, is everyone there “ix625”? {I Liked “THX 1138”!}
    May you live long & prosper, and may the Farce be Within You!
    You can tell I’m already beginning to backslide into Stream of Consciousness writing, now that the End is Nigh?! Out with Accouterments of Affectation, Out Damned Spots! {errr, Out Damned Digital Spots, errr Pixels, …errr, Out Damned Digital Spixels!} 😉

  2. Jerry on

    Oops, it appears that I confused my 2 WordPress Blogs, Sorry! ♫

  3. Mr. Hanson on

    Congrats on completing EMDT! Job well done I am sure. Now enjoy your free time again!

    I would love to check out your AR website if it is out there somewhere.

    New school and lab for me in Montana. Taking on the school TV studio and managing the xserve. Lots to learn!

  4. ix625 on

    Hey Eric,
    You really want to see that boring thing? http://web.me.com/mskocko/ but don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉

    But the real story is at: http://maclab.guhsd.net/blog/

    Love to hear more about what you and your kids are up to!

  5. Mr. Hanson on

    Yes….by the end of it all, my ambition for making another video was lost. I became the talking head in the screen.

    I am kicking off a new website this year…tried wordpress.com, last year was Google Sites, and I think I have found a happy medium….Weebly.


    The service even automatically cites stock photos from CC licensed photo banks. So easy even a sophomore could do it!

    Looking forward to seeing your students work this year and how your WOW gaming system works.

    Keep it up!

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