As of January 5, 2010, I’m transferring, rebuilding, and resurrecting a Website originally uploaded in February of ’99. The Website was (and is) dedicated to exploring the world around and with us. It went dormant in 2002 when I began a new career. Lots to add but for now I’ll invest my time rebuilding the original site and begin breathing life into the old girl.

Other info may be found on these pages (more to come):

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2 comments so far

  1. Victor Hugo on

    Hi, I used to follow and post in your forum back in IX625 days. In your about section you had a cartoon whatinhell.gif

    With scientist saying what is he doing, what is he doing, and a scientist on the board saying what in hell am I doing?

    Do you still have that cartoon .. I saved it but lost it in a recent computer crash and havn’t found it online ..

    thanks ..

  2. IX625 on

    Amazing coincidence! (And if you were a reader in the olden days, you know how I love those.) I’m writing a post in my teacher persona and that cartoon plays a part. The post won’t be finished until tonight or tomorrow morning. I’ll add the link when it’s up but here’s the cartoon.

    Happy trails, old friend.

    Update: The post is now live.

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