BlindEye and the Code

I was readin’ a book about space aliens, or science fictions, or somethin’ that contacted us sometime in the future, or past, or somewhere, and I musta not been the only guy readin’ that book ’cause it turns out that there was a movie too.

When I saw the movie I was real surprised ’cause it didn’t turn out like most movies of real good books usually turn out. You know, REAL bad.

They was both called “Contacted,” but not in the past tense, ’cause I think both them guys — you know, the one that wrote down the book and the one that took the picture of it — well, I think both them guys seemed to know about that other story that was, or is, or maybe even is gonna be. You know, in the past tense. ‘Cause it turns out we really did get contacted.

Now, I know what you’re thinkin’ ’cause I was thinkin’ it too:

C’mon! There ain’t no such thing as a real contacted story in the REAL world ’cause if there was then the grocery store newspapers woulda been talkin’ all about it instead of the Jean Dixon diet hair cut secret or already growed-up babies bein’ born wearin’ new clothes or what movie star had who or what inserted into what or who or where — with pictures inside!

And, you know, stuff like that insteada these contacted stories.

But this story gets so weird almost nobody wants to even talk about it.

These other guys who found the other contacted story (not the book or the movie) in the first place (even though they wasn’t really the first guys who found it) had to settle for some statistical newspaper or journalistic thing that comes from some place called Carnegie-Mellonhead Universities. Somethin’ called the Journal of Statistical Sciences, or somethin’ like that.

There’s a lot of squiggly lines and sqiggly words and sqiggly math stuff, but it ends up sayin’:

See, I told you so! We wuz contacted a long time ago and we didn’t even know it. Well, maybe some people knowed it, before, but we proved that we knowed it now. Nayh, nayh.

They all try to make it sound real complicated and real hard and real full of math and stuff like that. And I almost believed ’em and almost stopped tryin’ to un’erstand it until somebody I still ain’t never seen before showed me how it works by puttin’ pictures and ‘splanations and stuff like that in my head or somewhere.

Shoot, all the books I read about it got these flat pictures of the coded parts that got uncoded to find the contacted parts, but none of them books shows the really good parts. You know, the parts that got showed to me that got curves and colors and movies like they was almost dancin’ and singin’ or somethin’.

And you know what’s really weird?

Some people don’t like any of it just ’cause of who it was that found it. Some people would like it ‘cept of where those guys found it. And some people don’t like it just ’cause they didn’t find it themselfs first.

And people think I’m silly!

But, you know, almost ev’rybody who’d seen that movie (the Zemmecker one — not the one that got showed in my head) seemed to like at least some of it.

Gosh, wouldn’t it be really cool if it really mattered and we really looked at it and really saw what was there no matter what the skepticals told us what really matters or what we shoulda seen or believed or not seen or not believed instead?

I mean, if we really was contacted, shouldn’t we be polite and answer?


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