BlindEye on Sleepwalkers

You know, the funny thing about sleepwalkers is that they’re always thinkin’ that they’re awake. Especially when they’d be readin’ or writin’ words like these.

If you’d try to tell ’em they’d be sleepwalkin’, they’d sooner or later sleepwalk away than listen to you, or me, except, a’course, the kinda sleepwalker that says, “Prove It!” or “Huh?” or somethin’ like that, that just wants to hear how you come to believe such a stupid thing.

And then you’d tell ’em and they’d be listenin’ for a while until you’d start to make evidence and then they’d object you or lay you down to rest or hit you with overrulers and shout, “Orders! Orders!” before dismissin’ your witness.

It’s hard to know what to know they’d be wantin’ not to know, so, you’d be tryin’ ev’rythin you’d ever knowed, but that takes too long, and heck, even if they was awake at the start, you’d never be sure that you didn’t hypnotize ’em or bored ’em into sleepwalkin’ away in the first, or even the last place.

Gosh! It’s almost like catchin’ a 22 in the backseat.

Oh well, here goes…

The Koran says:

Men are asleep. Must they die before they awake?

And that just makes me think of what they taught me to cant at night when I was a’littler. You know:

If I should die before I wake (!)

Them’s scary words for a kid, big or littler. And speakin’ of scary, that reminds my peanut butter of that book the penguins used to scare me with. Even though, when you read it for yourselfs, it’s never seemin’ like the stories are or were the same stories as you heard when you were littler and just listened insteada readin’.

And speakin’ of listenin’, I heard Bob Dylan’s Jacob singin’ these words:

And the same black line that was drawn on you was drawn on me

And that makes me think of what God drawed on Cain when he kicked Cain outa the places Adam and Eve was. You know, after they got kicked out of the place they was in in the first place. ‘Cause it coulda been a black line, or somethin’.

Anyways, it says God kicked Cain into the land of Nod, which sounds a lot to me like sleepyland ’cause we say “noddin’ off” for fallin a’sleepy. But the Bible says it means he was a wanderer. And that makes me think of Dion (no, not Dion Sanders, and not his uncle Colonel neither) singin’ about The Wanderer:

Roamin’ around around around around

And that makes me dizzy, and I think of Buddha and the reincarnaters talkin’ about goin’ around around around around. And then I look Buddha in the dictionary, and heck, turns out his name means awakened. And I say:

Awakened from what?

And that makes me wonder if that’s why car alarms is always goin off. And that makes me want to get away from all that noisenoisenoise, even though I like Brian Eno. And I’m feelin’ like a Sissypussy guy pushin’ Rock ‘n’ Rollers up and down the hill, like I was Jack or Jill or somebody.

But I don’t wanna fall down again so I sit and somebody says, “Marshmellow-out!” And all the sudden-like we’re sittin’ by that same ol’ fire again and singin’ that same ol’ song again. You know, the one that seems like nobody ever listens to.

And the sleepwalkers call me stupid for even thinkin’ about believin’ the words that ev’rybody knows by heart. You know, about row row rowin’. And then after we all settle into our sleepy things, some smarty-bag says:

How can that stupid-head believe that life is but a dream?

And by the time I figure out why it is that nobody ever believes the songs they like and know by heart, I wake up to the sounds of car alarms and forget to know just how that dream ended up endin’.

Except, a’course, as the story sez, it ain’t over yet.

So I’m confused, is I wrong to try to keep tryin’ to wake-up, or remember, or make contacters again?


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