BlindEye’s Dream

I had the weirdest dream…

There was this pancake eatin’ contest, and the signal to start was the Liberty Bell — ‘cept it was hangin’ in a little house that wasn’t there before. You know, in the middle of the Goldie Gate Bridge. And when the bell was rung, it woke up these two guys who come runnin’ like ev’rybody else. One guy looked real old, and the other guy didn’t, but both guys looked like each other.

Mr. Winkler — Van, I think he called himselves, coulda been Baby Boy Blue if he didn’t have all those whiskers and wrinkles and gray hairs and stuff. Both of them was real hungry, like they hadn’t been eatin’ in a long, long time. And it was funny to watch ’cause Mary’s Lamb and Humpty Umpty got real nervous ’cause they was thinkin’:

Maybe those guys’ll eat us by accident. Or even on purpose!

‘Cept they didn’t. ‘Cause even though the lamb was all bushy-like and Umpty was all taped-up, they kinda looked like that old man woulda. You know, if he was all bushy or taped-up or somethin’.

And here’s the weird part…

When they was down to just one pancake, this guy flies outta the crack in the bell (even though he coulda never been in there while all that ringin’ was goin’ on). He looked real familiar, like I seen him before. You know, if he had whiskers or bushes or somethin’.

And when he landed on the pancake ev’rybody got up and was real happy, ’cause now there was pancakes all over the place even though that lady didn’t hit a single duck when she drove by. Oh yeah, I forgot that part. You know, about the lady drivin’ by.

Anyways, I was watchin’ all this, standin’ beside the middle of the Goldie Gate Bridge, when all sudden-like, I was standing in the middle of this big pancake in the middle of this little house (that was real big inside) in the middle of the Goldie Gate Bridge, on a hill, and ev’rybody was callin’ me Peter Pancake.


I mean, that is weird, right?

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