BlindEye’s Quantum Quniverse

Golly! Thems a lot a things to think on!

Maybe later I can think on the rest, but there’s one real big thing I gotta not let get away right now.

That Watchmaker guy is just leftovers, a dusty meta-fort from those olden Descartes days. These is the Einsteined days! I think them smart guys call them olden-timers deterministical or mechanistical or somethin’ like that. To believe in that stuff today you gotta not have any imaginations at all.

That Einsteined guy kinda got around that either or or, yes or no, black or white dualistical stuff by findin’ out about probabilistical universes. This quantum-mechanical universe is a lot more different than the mechanical-man universe ever coulda thought about being! And now that it’s thinkin’ to me, that Sagan guy weren’t talkin’ about chaos or orders in Contacted, he was talkin’ about newer orders — like on the back of a dollar bill.

So you can relax. You ain’t caught in between nothin’ no more. We’re in brand new territorials now.

So just remember. When your logic goes all fuzzy-like, just remember to remember that we’re livin’ and learnin’, not tickin’ and tockin’. He’s an Artist, not no simple-minded screw-turner.

Let’s call this place were inside of, “The Quniverse,” and that way we won’t forget them quantums He gave us so we can find some ways to fix this mess we got ourselfs into in this place.


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