BlindEye’s Quest

You’d been given Freedoms to happily misspell all your pursuits. You know, if that makes you happy. (But I hear it’s better to get spell-checked before you’re decided for sure.)

How ’bout I’d propose you somethin’ else too? How ’bout you, and me, and who’d ever else’d want to — you know, seek in-formation — do it together? You know, in spirits.

It’d be kinda hard to sift the miss from the dis, but that’s not all that important, unless we’d be wantin’ to point blame at somewhere or someone or something or even if we just wanted to finally un’erstand. What seems most important is that we’d dismiss all da dissin-formations and get left with nothin’ but in.

And that ain’t no preposition I’m proposin’ we’d end up with.

I know, I know, if pipes were dreams then Peter would walk the pipeline.

You know what? Maybe the water’d like that. You think?

But you’d gotta really want to be in-formation ’cause it’d surprise me how much of the in-crowd we’d knowed by heart was really disguises actin’ up. Talk about frightenin’ staged hands! This’d be one of those times you’d not wanna be dismissled!

I’d just want to know’d the Truth for once, and for all. You know, for that One who’d been dependin’ on us to come on through, or over, or around the problem. You know, re:solution.

Whatcha feel our right woulda coulda shoulda be be be if we’d answer to the questing?


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