Dream Yet Complete
A Nursery Rhyme for Grown-Ups


Cover Art


One: The Call

Two: The Choice

Three: The Press

Four: The Trial

Five: The Answer

The Dream


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  1. […] Trust is time to ask yourself, to find the strength to ask […]

  2. […] 我的世界 我的心聲 讓我用文字來和你分享吧! « The Daily Dose #14 – Visual Efx! The Daily Dose #15 – April 12, 2010 It would be much easier, for all of us I think Look at what we’re standing on, and what we’re on the brink If now could be just like then, then maybe we could speak Wouldn’t have to run and hide, from what our wishes seek If we did not know better, what questions we could ask! Listening, we’d make believe, and wear the answer’s mask — Skocko / Dream Yet Complete […]

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