The Press

Dream Yet Complete
A Nursery Rhyme for Grown-Ups

Three: The Press

We interrupt this broadcast, ’cause that’s what we do best
History repeats itself, let’s meet our latest guest
The film is at eleven, at twelve and one and two
Rock is rolling round the clock, just like our bad news do
It’s in the public’s interest, to see his last resort
Ratings pointed our view to, bring you special report

His story is still breaking, but this much do we know
Facts are right here at this site, or so I have been told
I’ve tasted the raw footage, things better left unseen
Listen, and we’ll sprinkle in, the sheets he’s been between
Our shov’lers putting over, the time on you to get
The bottom of this story, the line that corporate set

He claims the right, refused the right, for words his deed commits
Explicit boring details, an open book admits
Too big for three-ring courthouse, where lemmings took the fifth
And won landmark decision, they filled their ocean with
Now they run without a care, past pain and suffering found
Solid ground to safely swim, where his defense will drown

This cautionary fable, confession’s ode to crime
Sentence the arrested youth, will serve for wasted time
These words a public whipping, exchanging soul and cell
Fifteen lashes of the clock, three hands to deal him well
Devalued for our viewers, we’ll throw another too
Behind bad scene’s exclusive, see coop this pigeon flew

We’ll fry this Arnold’s zygote, give Humpty’s benediction
Turned his coat into a pen, framed the mud as fiction
A self-inspecting journalist, push buttoning the crowd
Exposing his remotives, crying crocks out loud
You won’t believe your eyeballs, you’ll hold on to your ears
Little fool is playing chicken, with all that you hold dear

We’re steering you this story, around that dead man’s curve
Straight into your viewing room, unless we have to swerve
You’ve every right to remain, as silent as the night
Don’t try another’s channel, we own conclusive rights
We’ve got no competition, he’s seated over there
Or would you rather join him? We’ve got an extra chair

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, don’t claim you didn’t know
Everybody’s heard you sing, you know how that song goes
It’s common to sense danger, ’cause that’s just what you’ll find
Crossing swords with common sense, missed pieces will remind
Fools pay for admonition, no change from history
That’s the way it is and was, how it will always be

Now you’ve nothing more to fear, you know what that employs
Shov’lers seldom dig the lists, of good grown girls and boys
Avoid the greatest fear itself, don’t get checked over twice
Listings guide our cyclops too, you know we won’t find nice
No time for desperation, use common measurements
Cut two times for goodness sake, just keep what we call sense

From these remains we’ll build it, and everyone will come
The Christians and the lions, the chauffeured and the thumbs
Once we add fourth ring’s intent, string Dumbo through the streets
Flapping ears or growing nose, won’t save that puppet’s meat
Enlarged for your enjoyment, the biggest topped with mirth
Come malingering around, The Greatest Show Unearthed!


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