The Trial

Dream Yet Complete
A Nursery Rhyme for Grown-Ups

Four: The Trial

Newsreel footage, eyes open wide
And a smile fights the sorrow, the pain, with the pride…

“Objection sustained!” Gavel and roar
“You’ve shed not a tear, you’ll smile now no more
Sit you I order, face what you’ve done
Think you in horror, fate of your son

Blood on your fingers, blood of your blood
Cut down in flower, ground in the mud
Shoe fits the crime, who answered one so
Naïve to ask, how we know what we know

With vaporous trails, to quicksand or cliff
Knowing he’d follow, you cast him adrift
To find his own answer, where no one has tread
Questioning why, to this place you led

Then think he an answer, and thoughts did then bloom
Like scent of a flower, that withers at noon
Like using of spurs, atop a balloon
Why climb to the stars, if there be marooned?

What good such an answer, that slips through the hand
Hold me the snowball, once melted in sand
Need I go further? Hear you your deed?
Poisonous fruit, your son did you feed

Unfit young mother, my orders you’ll heed
I order proceedings, again to proceed
Rewind the visions, to one we do seek
Fish out of water, of him I need speak

For loss do I feel, lost in a room
Backhanded manner, striking too soon
Refresh the beginnings, we know of the ends
Though I never met him, I’m sure we were friends

I seem to remember, his thoughts of that day
Why I remember, or how I can’t say
Something about, giving something away
Strange does it seem, yet of him they portray

Strength of another, took him on his way
Perhaps if I try, explain it I may
What now I perceive, though my eyes say, ‘Nay!’
My own voice cries, ‘Stop!’ yet not I obey…

I see…

Water and man, though young does he seem
Hand of a woman, connected to he
Deserted skin box, out of which leapt
Rivered reflection, safe has it kept

Writing that runs, well watered by tears
Directing to find, that buried in years
Blue mapping of sky, obscuring of cloud
Mote of an eye, caught by the crowd

Knowledge that calls, drives others away
Behind all those bars, that melody plays…

What’s that? You’re right! I’ve led me astray
Resume now the trial, we’ll wrap-up today
Show me the boy, brighten my eyes
Then we’ll this woman, cut down to size.”

The space-timing hero, steps into the light
Silver-clad footsteps, an erranting knight
With noble ambition, and golden-eyed sight
For all, and another, on needle alight

In thimble-sized capsule, to launch and take flight
Up wall of the well, to climb past the kite
On breath, inspiration, to glide to new height
To reach to the sun, or maybe not quite

To there stand a place, to drink of insight
To seek of a way, to avert the blight
To taste of the test, to take the first bite
To return again, if gift shining bright

To rocket the pad, two one zero ignite!
To set dream in motion, unearthly delight
His quixotic notion, an end to the plight
Of those given freedom, but choosing to fight

With preconceived notions, of wrong is all right
While jumping conclusions, with eyelids sown tight
Think safety by numbers, this knowledge not might
Just tragic devotion, to cower in fright

This fatal attraction, the longest “good-night”
With love subjugated, a people contrite
To know of the darkness, but think it be light…

“You’re out of order! You’re in my contempt!
Alter the transcript, those lies are exempt
That’s not how we see, that’s not what we know
Is not this trial, preceding the blow?

The guilt a conclusion, foregone evidence
Not preconceived notions, but sound common sense
As everyone knows, our eyelids are thin
Open or closed, they let the light in

Don’t try to defend, to them or to I
We’ve seen it before, our eyes would not lie

And you:

For leading that boy, once safe on the land
To look to the sky, and not in the sand

The price we’ll extract, the blood in the stone
Of a cold-hearted mother, whose boy died alone
Into the wound, the bottom we’ll get
Televise echoes, enhance her lament!”

As if by his order, sad does she be
For wishing they’d follow, the judge’s decree
But knowing they look, for what they will find
Her guilt stricken-grief, for justice struck blind

Thinking she fears, the punishment swift
Keeping the wrapping, dispensing with gift
“Waste not our time,” the gavel declares
“Skip to the crime, our proof’s waiting there.”

Judging him wise, the jury agrees
Highlights unwind, they know what they’ll see:
Exhausted remains, meandering path
The rocket’s dilemma, traced to her lap

The twisting white trail, the billows in air
And most damning of all, the fading red glare
All speak for the boy, one lost so young
But pity can wait, the film clip’s begun!

He smiles past the camera, and waves to the court
Says to the judge, he will not abort
Then whispers to her, but shines in his eyes
The dream, now his quest, was through her realized

The freckled-face smile, the face disappears
The door’s sealed tight, on nine fleeting years
The rocket explodes, in a cloud of exhaust
Then soars like a phoenix, before all was lost

“Hear we no more, his words do convict
His very own mother, that woman who sits
With half-mended hole, his task left undone
Dispense with the verdict, avenge me her son!”

Into the wound, she mourns as they pry
Such is the pain, when truth does not lie
Hidden from sight, nowhere to be found
No one to look up, with all looking down

“See the wench quake,” says one digging deep
And into the courtroom, her sadness will seep
But not for her fate, as scavenger’s meat
She mourns for the one, with dream yet complete


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