Dumb as a Thumb

Lucid Dreams
Waking Within the Dream

Too Dumb for Words


I’m discussing lucid dreams with three gentleman.
We are seated at a table in a wide hallway in a small house.
In answer to a question, I say:

If I suspected this were a dream, I would look around to check my surroundings.

I do so and pause for a second, wondering at something as I examine the gray plaster walls of the house…

But, not wanting to seem a fool, I turn back to my companions and continue:

For instance, I know this is Nancy’s house (nodding to Loren, Nancy’s husband).
And I know each of you.
I know that… blah, blah, blah.

After I woke, I shook my head in disbelief.
What an idiot!

The Nancy in the dream was a girl I knew in high school.
Loren is a character in Arthur C. Clarke’s “Songs of Distant Earth” (the book I’m currently rereading).
And the other two guys… who knows?

The point is, there was a moment when I almost caught it — when I should have caught it.
I’d never been in that house.
And a table in a hallway big enough for four people to sit at?


I was so caught up in my pontificating
Extolling the virtues of my vast knowledge and awareness
That I didn’t think to think — to question my own beliefs of the moment.

No wonder the walls were gray.

This is a perfect example of a blundering bonehead in action.

Nice to be reminded of just how much I still have to learn.


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