The Feeling of Truth

I was feeling pretty good last night at having finally acted. Excuses were shed and this project began anew after an eight year hiatus.

But then I thought about what had been missing…

How long had it been, I wondered, since I was immersed in that sensation? Was it gone forever? Or was it simply banished to the land of few and far between, like lucid dreams and visions seemingly were?

Then today, it happened three times in a row — one immediately following the other. Total immersion!

It happened just after class began, during an otherwise innocuous series of moments while discussing the beauty of Avatar with two students (Samantha and Kendal) who’d just seen it (due in part to the conversation over here). The sensations came out of nowhere, amazingly rich and deep, as if to confirm: yes, the adventure continues.*

I can’t convey just how exciting it was to feel it so strongly. The partner who shone the light in the darkness had returned. It’s as I wrote here:

…The sensation I’m experiencing is consistent with other visions and moments of “knowing.” A tingling sensation that seems to begin at the top of my head is rippling through my body. I’ve long associated this electric sensation as a confirmation of Truth. A November 10, 1981 journal entry is typical of many others. It reads:

If I can hold on to my trust and believe the feeling of truth that engulfs me when understanding occurs, a door will open.

No doubt about it. Relaunching the IX was a good idea.

And I should probably see Avatar at least one more time.

*I must admit that I didn’t react outwardly (as I wanted too). Didn’t want to freak out the kids, you know. It was such a strong sensation though I felt like asking if anyone could see it. It honestly felt like this.

It Was 21 Years Ago Today

When adding this morning’s update over here, the 0105 lit up the synapses when those numbers fell onto the screen…

January 5, 1988

I had no idea how that day would change my life. If I’d known what it would eventually lead to, five months to the day later…

Before I get carried away and begin wax quixotically about the memories, let’s just say that on the way out to the car for that one mile commute to work, I pledged to do something to mark the moment. I remember feeling the same way (and doing nothing about it) on the Sgt. Pepper anniversary last year. Not this time.

Yeah, it’s going to hurt to give up the domain, but it’s time for a change. Besides, I hadn’t touched that site since beginning this new gig eight years ago.

The Chambers Brothers were right. Time has come today.