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31 Years and Counting

Wind the clock back 31 years, wait for the sun to set, tune the TV to the local PBS station, watch Peter Ustinov narrate a special commemorating the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s birth, and let the wonder in.

I’m not sure about the setting sun part, but I remember being excited to watch that special. Sitting on the floor of my lonely unfurnished apartment in Ceres, CA, I had no idea what was about to happen.

A bit of the story is documented here. (And all over the rest of this site.)

Happy Birthday, Albert. Thanks for the push!

It Was 21 Years Ago Today

When adding this morning’s update over here, the 0105 lit up the synapses when those numbers fell onto the screen…

January 5, 1988

I had no idea how that day would change my life. If I’d known what it would eventually lead to, five months to the day later…

Before I get carried away and begin wax quixotically about the memories, let’s just say that on the way out to the car for that one mile commute to work, I pledged to do something to mark the moment. I remember feeling the same way (and doing nothing about it) on the Sgt. Pepper anniversary last year. Not this time.

Yeah, it’s going to hurt to give up the domain, but it’s time for a change. Besides, I hadn’t touched that site since beginning this new gig eight years ago.

The Chambers Brothers were right. Time has come today.