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One Way or Another

Sherman, set the WABAC Machine for the early 80s…

Sue and I are exploring Balboa Park. A small gallery beckons and we enter. Paintings dot the walls, each signed in an odd manner (below the artist’s signature are six digits). A few minutes later we figure it out.

I don’t remember the artist’s name but I do remember those numbers…

I would love to thank the artist. He/she gave me the means to link dates and events in a memorable way. You see, I’m one of those people who remembers numbers far more clearly than names. (I’m truly pitiful at names; I claim to suffer from name-nesia.) This blog was triggered by that artist’s gift. Check out the first post if you don’t believe me.

011110 is a cool little palindrome. It’s also today’s date.

And I’ll remember this for a long time…


Note: Check the 1221 update here and the article referenced in the 0102 update.

Yes, this may seem a meaningless post. Humor me. Those born on 050555 are known to meander into seemingly senseless numeric musings from time to time. 😉