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Walking the Walk

Rather than post yesterday, I began writing the first page of Connections. Really puts a fresh spin on the Interactive Newsletter concept when crafted within the blogosphere. (The USPS delivered the first three issues of UnNumb.)

And as I began moving my students into the 2.0 world with last week’s lesson, the first few began blogs of their own: Collin May (who took the initiative on his own last month), Danny Owens (the first to follow my crazy idea for students to use a personal blog as a creative/marketing tool), Christian Lim, and Steven Moyer (a former student who’s begun with a will after we spoke yesterday).

Others will follow in the days ahead.

Resurrecting the IX is an example of what I like to call feeding two birds with one seed. It nurtures that within which had begun to grow dormant; and it validates my professional motto (via Richard Bach):

You teach best what you most need to learn.