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Treasures and Maps

Have you ever woke with a song playing in your head? This morning the music and lyrics blended right into the dream about my classroom and students and photography and travel. Of course, the classroom and students weren’t the same as I see every day and the places we went were completely unfamiliar but the song…

The song is still playing in my head. Well, a part of it at least. In the dream, I was explaining the significance of the lyrics to a few of my students. The first thing I did upon waking was to wake this computer and Google the chorus (because I intended to purchase the song).

The first search — we’re making treasures they’re making maps — returned randomness with a few interesting results thrown in but nothing pointing to the song so I put the two phrases in quotation marks to narrow the search and…

Your search – “we’re making treasures” “they’re making maps” – did not match any documents.

I tried switching the they’re with we’re and: did not match any documents. Tried substituting I’m for we’re, you’re for they’re in different combinations and: did not match any documents.

Now I don’t know about you, but I find this incredibly interesting. If I were a musician, I’d be recording (WHAM!) that song right now.

The WHAM! was the moment I realized I didn’t have to wait for my wife and daughter to wake in order to use the piano to try and pick out the notes. Record! Use Snapz to record the three-line chorus (can’t remember the third line but the tune is still there). Of course Snapz glitched (it takes a restart to fix that issue) but I kept the recording because I wanted to be honest about the process.

Honestly? The song was infinitely more beautiful than my pitiful rendition.

Treasures and maps. Quite the powerful metaphors.