Uncomfortably Numb
The Interactive Newsletter You Never Asked For

Issue One: Metaphors

In This Issue:

Welcome! Come Inside… • And so it begins

Relatively Speaking • Do you see what I see?

Gary’s Letter • The long answer to his unasked question

Supplemental Thoughts • Chance, coincidence, and other unexpected delights found within the dictionary

Random Acts of Uncommon Sense • An unedited compilation of quotations that accompanied a verbal and video presentation from an SJSU class last semester

The Video: Not included. It wouldn’t fit into my modem. <<< (Written in dial-up days. I’ll be creating and uploading a digital version of Random Acts soon. I sent out VHS tapes with the original hard copy versions.)

Random Acts of Uncommon Sense – The Movie, and, a bonus feature

The movie after Random Acts, is They Live, by John Carpenter. I recommend waiting until you’ve digested the unusual message contained within these pages before viewing that tape. When you do watch it, it might benefit you to focus on the metaphors within the story. I apologize for the excessive violence. Try to view this as the elimination of illusions (or something like that), not the elimination of individuals. I do not condone any type of violence; however, there is a protracted scene between two individuals in an alley which regrettably contains violence, but truly captures the essence of the difficulties encountered when trying to communicate a difficult concept to an unreceptive, resistive individual.

Unlike the protagonist in They Live, I am unwilling to resort to such extreme measures. (You may disagree after trying to read this… “Oh my God, he’s not going to keep writing these things, is he?”)

Outro / Afterword • Who knows? I just thought of adding an afterword (hey, you’re a captive audience—it’s just you, me, and this deserted alley)

After the Afterword • (Last) Second thoughts

Info on Links • Please read my little disclaimer (coming soon)


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