Welcome! Come Inside…

Uncomfortably Numb
The Interactive Newsletter You Never Asked For


Welcome! Come Inside…


Welcome to The Grand Illusion
Come inside and see what’s happening
Pay the price, get your tickets for the show
—Styx / The Grand Illusion

If you feel the need to complain upon receiving this unsolicited premiere issue of Uncomfortably Numb, please feel free to contact each other to do so. Each of you is partially responsible for the creation of this unusual periodical; however, it will quickly become apparent to the Sabo and Sekerak households that a Mr. Gary Warren seems to bear the most direct responsibility for impetuously venturing an unasked question and thus providing the impetus for a response that eventually expanded beyond the bounds of a personal reply and grew into this newsletter.

Future issues will depend on amicable interaction between the readers of Uncomfortably Numb and the feedback they eventually provide to the editor. So, we here at UnNumb implore you to suspend your indignation for Mr. Warren and consider instead how easily it might have been you venturing that unasked question. Think of the horror he must suffer. Have compassion on his wretched soul as he struggles to come to terms with the consequences of his actions.

This issue will ask you to consider the notion of consciousness, or lack thereof. We will begin to expose the nature of The Grand Illusion (within which we live our lives). Powerful metaphors drive and define this illusive experience. Your love, your families, your homes, your friends, your vocations and avocations—these are powerful metaphors in your own lives and they should be cherished and nurtured. The interconnections between our separate lives speak volumes when appraised metaphorically.

Of course, you are free to suggest that the editor is living in his own Grand Delusion, but then you would have missed the point of UnNumb. This publication is designed to enhance imaginative, creative, cognitive recreation. It seeks to enrich your individual perceptual experiences by providing provocative alternatives to conventional perspectives. Lyall Watson helps us with a particularly relevant thought regarding the conceptual reference frame we seek to expose you to:

…a childlike playfulness which is one of the hallmarks of creativity. Consensus is rare in psychology, but most workers in the field agree that creative thinkers can be recognized by their ability to entertain wild ideas without feeling the usual need to pass judgment on them.

We hope you enjoy our publication. And don’t forget how that Styx song ends:

And someday soon we’ll stop to ponder
What on Earth’s this spell we’re under?
We made the grade and still we wonder
Who the hell we are!


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