Great Expectations

Uncomfortably Numb
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Great Expectations

The whole world of loneliness, poverty, and pain make a mockery of what human life should be.
—Bertrand Russell / Autobiography

The future of a civilization depends on our overcoming the meaninglessness and hopelessness which characterizes the thought of men today.
—Albert Schweitzer / An Anthology

There’s no need for them to be so unhappy… Pain and sickness and hunger and fighting—there’s no need for any of it.
—Robert Heinlein / Stranger in a Strange Land

Crazy / But that’s how it goes
Millions of people / Living as foes
Maybe / It’s not too late
To learn how to love / And forget how to hate
—Ozzy Ozbourne / Crazy Train

What do you say to those four men? How do you feel about what they say? Is there a reason to hope? A reason to try? A reason to live? A reason to die?

Do we stand up and move forward? Or do we first assign blame?

I shouted out / Who killed the Kennedys?
When after all / It was you and me
—The Rolling Stones / Sympathy for the Devil

Who are these men of lust, greed, and glory? / Rip off the masks and let’s see
But that’s not right—oh no, what’s the story? / There’s you and there’s me
—Supertramp / Crime of the Century

We’re just two lost souls / Swimming in a fish bowl / Year after year
Running over the same old ground / What have we found? / The same old fears
—Pink Floyd / Wish You Were Here

Did you forget about The Grand Illusion? What about The Great Commandment?

In this issue we’ve read a bit about love, and a whole lot about being surrounded. The universe surrounds us. Space-Time is curved, folded back on itself. And we’re inside. But don’t forget that Beatles song:

I don’t know why nobody told you how to unfold your love

When one is within curved, folded Space-Time, unfolding seems like a good idea, yes?

un•fold  v. —tr. 1. To open and spread out; extend (something folded). 2. To remove the coverings from; disclose to view. 3. To reveal gradually by written or spoken explanation; make known. —intr. 1. To become spread out; open out. 2. To be revealed gradually to the understanding.

Haven’t we been engaged in many of those processes in both issues of un-numb? So, what else is there? And, just after the question mark, a song begins on KFOG:

If God had a name / What would it be?
And would you call it to His face? / If you were faced with Him
In all His Glory / What would you ask, if you had just one question?
—Joan Osborn / One of Us

Man, I love how that just happens to keep on happenning!

Remember this?

So, how does one blossom and evolve from a curved, enclosing object?


e•volve v. —tr. 1. To develop or achieve gradually; devise; formulate. 2. Biology. To develop by evolutionary processes from a primative to a more highly organized form. 3. To yeild, give, or throw off (gas, vapor, or heat, for example); set free. —intr. 1. To be part of or subject to the process of natural, temporal, or biological evolution, as in an organism, plant, or rock stratum. 2. To be developed, disclosed, or unfolded; come forth; emerge: The plot evolves in many subtle ways. 3. To undergo change or transformation; develop; lead. [Latin evolvere, to roll out, unfold: e-, out, from ex- + volvere, to roll (see wel-3 in Appendix).]

wel-3. To turn, roll; with derivatives referring to curved, enclosing objects.

wer-3. Base of various Indo-European roots; to turn, bend… turned toward, inward… Old English wyrd, fate, destiny, “that which befalls one”… “rolled thing”… to twist, curved… magic wheel… “to wind around.”


“that which pierces through”… passage, journey… feather, wing… SUPPORT, TRANSPORT… To grant, allot… Latin Parcae, the Fates (who assign one’s destiny)… To try, risk… Old English fær, danger, sudden calamity: FEAR… to try, learn by trying: EXPERIENCE, EXPERIMENT… “to hand over,” “distribute” …go-between, negotiator: INTERPRET… To get, allot (reciprocally, to get in return).


…Here, besides encountering the strange spatial and temporal distortions of What Is, the entity discovered itself split into two distinct sub-selves.
—UnNumb / Issue One

Newspapers say / Say: It’s true, it’s true
We can break through
Though torn in two / We can be One
—U2 / New Years Day

E Pluribus Unim!

Okay, what’s that mean?

We’re sailing in a strange boat / Heading for a strange shore
We’re sailing in a strange boat / Heading for a strange shore
Carrying the strangest cargo / That was ever hauled aboard
We’re sailing on a strange sea / Blown by a strange wind
We’re sailing on a strange sea / Blown by a strange wind
Carrying the strangest crew / That ever sailed

We’re riding in a strange car / We’re following the strange star
We’re climbing on the strangest ladder / That was ever there to climb
We’re living in a strange time / Working for a strange goal
We’re living in a strange time / We’re working for a strange goal
We’re turning flesh and body / Into Soul
—The Waterboys / Strange Boat

C’mon. Are we really supposed to believe that?

Yoda pokes Luke Skywalker with a stick and says:

Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.

One last time:

Man gets tired / Spirit don’t
Man surrenders / Spirit won’t
Man crawls / Spirit flies
Spirit lives when man dies

Man seems / Spirit is
Man dreams / The spirit lives
Man is tethered / Spirit is free
What spirit is / Man can be
—The Waterboys / Spirit

Get it?


Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Psychotic

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