About that Soldier

Third Eye Sights

About that Soldier

Well, that should have been embarrassing
But I’m oddly unconcerned with revealing the UFB incident
Maybe it’s a matter of sleep deprivation
Maybe I’m just too weird to care
Maybe I should just get on with the next story…

The Soldier

I still laugh when I think about him…


After yet another flying baby vision
(Earlier this night)
I wake to see a man standing there

About 30″ below the ceiling
He’s about 16″ tall
Dressed in an old soldier’s uniform
White pants, blue button-up coat
He’s looking away, obviously bored
Old-time rifle slung low

I study this odd apparition
Wondering what he’s doing there
What he represents

Still bored, his gaze eventually drifts my way
At eye contact his whole bearing changes
He snaps erect
Rifle now at the ready
Held at an angle across his chest
Feet planted firmly in mid air
Dark eyes locked on mine
He seems genuinely shocked (and concerned) that I can see him

The tableau holds for a few seconds
Then he steals quick glances left and right
And carefully side-steps toward the wall

Maintaining eye contact, he inches toward his goal
He pauses as he reaches the wall
Seemingly to confirm that I actually do see him
Definitely unsettled, he comes to a decision
And leaps through the wall

I begin laughing as I reach for the pad

This is really weird


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