Third Eye Sights

Artifacts (AKA: What are these Things?)


On another late-night bathroom trek (2:30 AM)
I see a canister in the hallway
I think:

What’s the dirty clothes hamper doing out here?

Then I notice it’s not wicker
And it has words on top of it

Definitely not our hamper
I reach out and try to touch it but my hand passes through it

I wake in the morning and review the night’s notes
I think of the words on the canister and I write:

Read it next time, stupid!


After some amazing visions earlier this night…

Letters spiralling down out of a hole a few feet below the ceiling
And later, that fish swimming out of those shifting patterns

A sphere about the size of a baseball traverses the room
It emits blue light

Pretty cool!


A complex set of gears in motion overhead
I wrote:

They were not as clearly manifest as objects in other visions
Had a more ghostly feel

(These things/images/whatevers usually appear as solid objects)

On 041596 I wrote:

Restless night of visions and dreams
So many there’s no way I could chronicle them all

Among the twelve visions and dreams noted…

Phone-like object in a man’s hand
I tried to “project” a response
Didn’t want to wake-up Sue by speaking aloud

(After the 0314 vision I had been advised by a friend to try and initiate a dialogue)

The object passed over the full length of the bed
Turning up at the wall and passing through the ceiling

From this point, a pattern begins and continues:
A wide variety of sophisticated looking objects appear
(Without the hand)
They typically pass the length of the bed
From foot to head
Occasionally pausing for some reason
I have no verifiable idea of what they’re doing
But I quickly come to think of them as scanning devices

On 041696 I wrote:

It sure seems like these things were examining me

Sometimes they seem to focus on me
Sometimes on Sue
When they loiter too long over her I become protective
They do react when I sit up and reach out

Is it the thoughts I’m projecting or my outstretched hand?
Or is this all just my imagination?
There’s no real fear involved
But now that I know Sue’s pregnant I’m a bit more cautious



A series of four different “artifacts” appear
All were different, but each was white

I wrote:

One moved to within 30″ of the bed
It looked like it was examining her (Sue)
I sat up and reached out to chase it off
(And off it was chased)
It’s one thing if they examine me…
If these images/objects are benevolent then I acted wrong
But I don’t want to put Sue or our month-old pre-birth child at risk
It only seems fair that some assurance or understanding surface

Well, it seems fair to me
I’m still waiting

Oh, and lest I lead you to think that these “visions” are techno-centric
This is by no means the dominant theme that’s being played out


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