Heinz 57

Third Eye Sights

Heinz 57

My mom used to say that when people asked her nationality
(Nationality is the term people used to use in place of ethnicity)

Heinz 57
A little bit of everything
A mutt

It’s been over twenty years…

I miss her

Speakin’ of a little bit of everything
This page’ll be a little scattered
But there is a reason for it…


This morning I woke to another one of those artifact thingies
It didn’t make the usual pass over the bed
Just wandered around near the ceiling for a while
Cool and techo as usual
A metallic silvery color instead of the typical white this time

Sure would like to know what these things are/represent
(Depending on if they’re really there or just imagined)

I also told Sue (my wife) about that and another vision this morn
Another one of those people…


I hear footsteps
Feel a hand gently touch my shoulder
And open my eyes to see a woman standing beside the bed
Dark hair framing a kind face
Eye contact
Just standing there, a gentle smile, maintaining eye contact
Then she begins to rise
Image slowly fading as she approaches the ceiling
Before reaching it, she fades from view

I reach out, grab the pad, and write it down
Not sure if the sound and touch were real or dreamed/imagined
But the woman was a double A, eyes-open event
(AA = Awake and Aware)

What got me was Sue’s reaction after I told her
Without hesitation she asks, “Was it your mom?”

Stopped me in my tracks
Thought for a few and, “No. I don’t recall ever meeting that woman.”

Then, “Did it scare you?”

Now here’s the part some people have trouble believing
Sue, to her credit, gets it

“No. She wasn’t frightening.”

Man, what I’d give to understand how and why this is happening
And what it all means
But I guess I should just be happy to be blessed with the visions
They are pretty cool, y’know


Energetic patterns
(that’s all I wrote — I know what it refers to)

This flavor of vision hasn’t been discussed yet, has it?
(Flips through the pages)
Ah, alluded to as “information” on the Conception page but never expanded
Except for the mention of letters spiraling down in Artifacts

I bring this up because I got an interesting email yesterday
A kind soul asking why the Torah Codes section ends abruptly
The “information” in this type of vision isn’t always evident
Much less understood
But it does seem to relate in some way to those Codes

Now I’ve gone and done it
Written myself into a corner
I’ve got to face up and address the issue now, right?


Let’s see if that gets me off my duff
(See — it pays to write)

One last thing…

Forty-six years ago today she gave birth
Not much more than a child herself

She’s been gone quite a while
And I really do miss her
The only member of my family who even began to understand me
I think she might have liked hearing about this weird stuff

Here’s to you, Mom
Inspiration for Dream Yet Complete
And so much more

Thanks, Sue, for bringing her into focus today
And thank you, dear reader, for putting up with my sentimentality


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