Is Seeing Believing?

Third Eye Sights

Is Seeing Believing?

Don’t mean to sound weird, but, um, I see things.

And yes, to those of you who ask (and thanks for caring), I have seen a doctor. Four actually.

I’ve asked three M.D.s, one O.D., a Minister, a Rabbi, and several other learned professionals about these “visions.” (I seldom pass up an opportunity to ask the pros.) Because none of these fine folk seemed to think I was crazy (or were too polite to say so), I feel a bit safer sharing the story with you.

I’ve chronicled a another type of vision here.

This is somewhat different…

About five years ago, on 030496, I saw a cat in the hall at three in the morning — an orange cat.

It was a teenager, or at least that’s what my wife, Sue, calls these in between-sized cats. You know, not a kitten anymore, but not full-grown either.

I watched it walk about while taking this middle-of-the-night trip to the bathroom. After completing the mission and taking one last look, I returned to the bedroom and jotted a few notes on the pad I keep by the bed for recording dreams.

You see, since we had no cat, it seemed worthy of note.

After a few months of waking to other imagery, patterns began to emerge. Some are being discussed elsewhere on this site. Some will be developed on the pages that follow.

It’s up to you to believe it or not and/or to make your own connections. To be honest, I could use some help making sense of all this.

I’m wondering though…

Has anything like this ever happened to you?


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