It’s the Water

Third Eye Sights

It’s the Water

On 040296 I wrote:

Something new
The fan* — I couldn’t make it out clearly
It rippled as if I was looking at something underwater
Or the reverse — I was underwater looking out

*Referring to our ceiling fan

So began the series of what I call “water visions”
Plenty of things swam through the room:
Fish, manta rays, dolphins, and even a whale

Also, there’s the rainy variety of vision:
No, not rain in the room
But rain striking the surface of the “water”
The surface is usually, but not always, the ceiling
I call it rain but only by inference…

Focus on a single spot of the ceiling
An indentation in the surface suddenly appears
As if something struck it from the other side
It bows back in the opposite direction
Followed by ripples radiating out from its center
Now multiply the indentations and ripples
And add interference where ripples intersect…

At a loss to understand this imagery
And amazed at how rock-hard plaster appears so malleable
I can’t explain it as anything but rain
As if I’m watching the beginnings of a downpour
From an underwater perspective

Lots of swimming creatures and “rain” drop by
But there’s another type of “water vision” that’s more common
(If I can call any of this “common”)

The “swimming pool vision” takes this prize

Imagine a swimming pool at night
An indoor pool
The lights along the walls of the pool provide the only source of illumination
Someone has just jumped into the water and…

Can you see it in your mind’s eye?
Can you see how the agitated surface of the water refracts the light?
Can you see the light playing along the walls of the pool’s enclosure?

Maybe there’s a better way to explain this
(Now there’s an understatement!)
But what I’m getting at is that’s what I’ve seen
Over and over and over again
Those lights playing along the walls and/or ceiling of the room

I always think of it as light refracted by the moving surface of water

Eric Clapton’s PILGRIM CD was released in 1998
When I saw the cover…

I thought, Yeah, something like that

Anyway, here I am thinking light and water
(Two powerful metaphors)
And last year, in my searches to understand
In Perle Epstein’s KABBALAH (The Way of the Jewish Mystic)
I read about an interesting flavor of vision
With a somewhat disturbing punch line
(The bracketed comments are Ms. Epstein’s)

When you reach that state where you see in “the stone of the heart” [the heart being the focal point for meditation preformed by the “lover” of God] near the stones of pure marble [the formless state that follows], do not say, “Water! Water!” for there is no water there at all; but only a form is seen. And whoever says “water,” blasphemes.
—Rabbi Hananel ben Chushiel (990–1055 C.E.)

Now, I’m not Jewish
And I’m not claiming to be a mystic of any sort
Or to have penetrated any deep and hidden mystery in these “visions”

I’m just saying that IF I’ve been witnessing something remarkable
It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that I’ve been interpreting it in exactly the wrong way

Anyone out there have any ideas about this one?


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