Third Eye Sights

The UFB (AKA: You can’t be serious!)


Speaking of bras…

I open my eyes a little after 3:00 this morn
And there, about 3′ above my soundly sleeping wife
Is a spinning bra

Funny how the mind works
First thing I think of is Beatnik
(a guy I’ve conversed with via an internet bulletin board)
No, not THAT way
Just the way that he thought these “visions” might be dreams of some sort
But, I think, I was dreaming something very different…
Or so it seemed to me
I try to keep an open mind
The bra continues to slowly rotate above Sue

What does this mean? I wonder
The last thing(s) to cavort through the room were the fish and animals the other night
Peacefully coexisting about a foot below the ceiling
And what, btw, did that mean?

The bra is rendered/perceived/imagined in all its intricate detail
And it is fully inflated
By that I mean it looks the way it would if someone were wearing it

There’s nothing titillating about the image
It’s just another weird vision
And, if it matters, it wasn’t Sue’s size
(She didn’t particularly like that)

The room is dark
The “whiteness” of the bra shines with an inner light
Or so I’m forced to suppose
Or how am I able to see such detail?
Not to mention the colors in other “visions”
Not supposed to be able to see color in the dark, right?

So, back to Beatnik
How can this be a dream if I am awake and taking notes?
Yes, I know, it’s ALL a dream
But at least there’s usually an illusion of continuity
You know, the really weird stuff happens with the eyes closed
In REM-land
And I seem to be writing rather than REMming at the moment


Ah, the bra is drifting toward the wall
It makes me think of the soldier I so surprised a few years ago
It will slip through the wall just as he did
But the bra doesn’t seem shocked that I am able to see it
Or is it that I am unable to read its body language?
Seems doubtful

The bra bumps into the wall
Rather than passing through, it’s stopped cold by the barrier
It’s kinda funny
But I’m getting bored
And I’m pretty tired
Down go the pen, pad, and eyelids

I try to sleep but music begins playing in my head
Now I know I’m in trouble
At least I got to bed early
Another day begins…


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