Those People

Third Eye Sights

Those People

Funny how I’ve resisted this next step. I mean, some of you have written, curious about what I’ve seen, so I know there’s some interest out there. What is it that’s got me spooked about following up on this topic? Am I afraid that I’m gonna sound ridiculous, claiming to have seen these things? A little late for that, isn’t it? Besides, there’s plenty of stuff on site that’ll make most folk think I’m a kook. But then again, you aren’t “most folk,” are you? Most people aren’t going to be interested enough to follow my rambling this far into the site.

Pretty silly, huh? Okay, enough procrastinating.

Ten days later, on 031496, I saw the second of these “visions.” I guess it might be important to mention that my recollection is aided by notes taken at the time. The notepad I’m accessing is labeled 121995-040996. I’ve got a stack of these stretching back to that night, 17 years ago to the day from this particular entry. There’s even a note at the top of this page to commemorate this fact. (Details of the 031479 event may be found here.) These pads were previously used to record dreams, lucid or otherwise. I never anticipated they’d come in handy to record visions as well.

The point I’m trying to make is that I was (and still am) quite accustomed to recording details in the dark for the purpose of capturing the essence of these nocturnal experiences while the memories are fresh.

I woke from a dream at 1:30, prepared to jot down a few notes on the bedside pad, when I noticed a group of people hovering over the bed.

What the?!

Yeah, the cat was bizarre enough, but this? This was really weird! Not frightening in any way, but certainly unprecedented.

The encounter lasts about a minute. I reach over and grab the pen and paper that’s always next to the bed and write it down. In the morning, I expand on the notes. I’m belaboring the idea of having taken notes (and having done so for so long) because so much of what is to follow isn’t going to sound believable (as if this part does). The notion that these details are somewhat reliable helps me to continue to believe that this stuff actually happened.

I’ll get to the particulars of this vision and many others in the pages that follow. For now, I just wanted to get this ball rolling again by creating this page. I’ve never actually added them up, but there must be close to a thousand of these “visions” chronicled in these pads. It seems important that I begin to share some of this. Maybe one (or more) of you have had similar experiences.

The story gets much weirder, but maybe together, we can begin to understand just what the heck is going on.


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